Affordable Oil Prices – Discount Heating Oil

3 thoughts on “Affordable Oil Prices – Discount Heating Oil”

  1. FB says:

    My previous heating oil provider wanted to fix my heating oil price 90 cents higher than Pilgrim’s daily heating oil price of the day, plus a service contract for $300.00 and a early termination fee of $250.00. I love the idea that Pilgrim heating oil group doesn’t play these games. You’re truly here for the consumer.
    FB – Queens, NY

  2. Christine Taracone says:

    My husband and I received a quote from our previous heating oil company that we had for 5 years for a new heating system, and the price was high. Our friend told us to call you guys and so happy we did! You saved us money and installed the new system in a short period of time. Thank you for all your help.

  3. James Patterson says:

    I would like to thank Peter at Oil For Less for his assistance with my heating oil problem. My previous oil provider told me that it would cost me $3,800 to fix my oil heat system. Peter told me before you spend the money, why don’t you let one of Pilgrim’s service providers give you a second opinion. Low and behold it turned out to be a faulty thermostat. Peter, thank you so much.
    JP – Trenton, NJ

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