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(04/22/2009) Restaurant Temp Jobs - Temporary Staffing on Demand

Restaurant Temporary Staff Job On Demand.

Tempway.com Serves up Restaurant Temp Workers in Minutes


NEW YORK – April 10 – Imagine you're a caterer about to throw a party for 300 guests. You have three open bar stations that are scheduled to be manned by six bartenders, but only one reports to work. In the food service business, a scenario like this spells death. You have an hour, perhaps two, to find willing, and presumably trained individuals, to serve the guests.

Restaurants, caterers and other food service providers struggle with staffing dilemmas like this daily. It is an industry plagued by turnover.  Luckily, there are  entrepreneurs, like New Yorker, John Cardinale who views problems as opportunities. Mr. Cardinale is the founder of Tempway.com, a new real-time temp job platform debuting April 10 that will supply temporary food service staff on demand—before the food, or a company's reputation, gets cold.

Here's how Temp way works. Individuals willing to work in various food service jobs upload their resume and photo (optional) to the site. Tempway.com's technology automatically geographically links workers with employers based on zip codes. When the individual is available to work, they turn on a small flashing light that Tempway.com developers call a "blinking beacon." The "blinking beacon" is a signal to employers that the individual is ready to work immediately. Temp way does not charge a fee for workers to use the service.

If an employer needs to hire workers, they log into Tempway.com, run a zip code search, and a list of available workers is returned. The service covers a geographic radius of 15 miles.  Employers can choose from five service levels starting as low as $19.99 for 2 day access.  Employers can hire as many workers as needed during that period.  Additional service levels include $29.99 for a 7 day subscription, $99.99 for a one month subscription, $249.99 for a six month subscription, and $499.00 for a one year subscription.  *Small organizations that don't have instant web access can phone the company's toll-free number (877-836-7929 or 877-Tempway) and a customer service representative will provide information about available workers.  * Call for details.

"Nothing remotely similar to Tempway.com exists in the market today," said Mr. Cardinale, whose team polled over 600 food establishment owners throughout the U.S. before launching. "Finding quality candidates on short notice is notoriously difficult for food service establishments. You can only call your brother-in-law so many times to help out. Some restaurant owners wanted to subscribe to our service right there on the spot."

Tempway is the first real-time temp job staffing platform that enables employers to choose workers when they need them. The platform is a fast, easy solution for bartenders, chefs, waiters, and hostesses, etc. with varied levels of experience. It's perfect for kids in college, working parents who juggle child-care and prefer to work part-time, or individuals who have recently relocated to an area.

"Tempway is faster and less expensive than placing help wanted ads; and for less than the cost of a conventional agency's placement fee, food establishments can use Temp way to hire an unlimited number of workers, "said Mr. Cardinale.

Tempway.com, which is based in Rye, New York, is rolling out the service in New York first and plans to expand rapidly throughout the U.S. The system uses a patent-pending software application that can be adapted to other industries as the need for temp workers-on-demand increases.  Tempway.com is not involved with workers pay or benefits. 


Source: Public Media

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